Nadine’s Beans

Years ago, Nadine Brown, one of my Grandmother’s friends gave her some of her bean seeds. They were always sharing garden seeds. My grandparents liked the beans so well that they continued to grow and save the seed through the years. They always called them Nadine’s beans. I thought they had all disappeared. We lost my grandmother several years ago and I thought the beans were gone as well.

It turns out that I was wrong. My sister and her husband had moved into my grandparents’ home. They found the bean seeds in the freezer. They have since moved to another town and my other sister now lives in my grandparents’ home. My nephew Jacob gave me a bag of the bean seeds last year for my birthday.

My parents, I found out, also had some of the bean seeds.

I planted Nadine’s beans in my garden this year.

I am going to carry on the tradition of planting and saving the seeds of Nadine’s beans. They really are a delicious bean.

My grandparents never knew the true name of the beans. They just called them Nadine’s beans and that is what my family calls them to this day. My parents also plant them in their garden.

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