Busy Summer Days

Today has been a busy garden day. After my morning cup of tea I started my day trying to get ahold of Whirlpool and GE. I hate talking to computers. My GE range is having a couple of problems. It is still under warranty so I have to arrange with GE for someone to come look at it. After 5 minutes of dealing with a computer I finally go put in line for the next representative to take with me. My Whirlpool refrigerator is having an issue also. My ice-maker is leaking into my ice bin. So I have a huge chunk of ice instead of cubes. Whirlpool’s computer telephone answering service was not as bad as GE. I now have technicians coming the end of the week for both appliances.

Once I had the appliances taken care of I headed out to the garden. Which reminds me I still need to snap beans. I picked the beans and cucumbers. I washed and sliced the cucumbers to put in lime water. I will make pickles out of them tomorrow.

I then headed into town to pick up vinegar, ice and freezer bags. Once back home I put two big pots of water on to boil. I then proceeded to pick and put up our corn. We have corn in the freezer for winter time. I love being able to raise and put away our food for the winter.

I am now relaxing on our deck. My husband is going to grill steak for us tonight. It feels good to relax for a bit.

That is all for today. I’m going to enjoy the evening with my husband.

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