Pickles, Chop Shop and Grazing Class

I started the morning off rinsing sliced cucumbers and putting them in water to soak. I later came back and fixed the vinegar mixture for the pickles. I was trying a mix this time. I tried the Ball bread and butter pickle mix. They smelled really good. I can’t wait to try them.

This afternoon I decided to put my granddaughter’s birthday gift together. This was purchased by both sets of her grandparents and her parents. My husband said it looked like I had a kid’s chop shop going.

I finally got it all together. This thing has a parent’s remote control. I drove it from our deck to our garage with the remote. It has been charged and is ready to be delivered. We just have to keep her away from our garage for a few days.

I am signing up for a class in September. It is a grazing class. It’s only 3 days but I am hoping to learn quite a bit in the class. They are teaching about caring for and maintaining grazing land.

This has been just another day in our paradise.

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