Morning Enjoyment

Morning View

I am sitting on my deck this morning with my coffee enjoying my view. We added this deck on this summer along with french doors into our dining room. This has been a spring and summer of remodeling. We remodeled our kitchen, hallway and hall bathroom. I love all our remodels but this deck is my favorite. We put the tiki torches around at night and enjoy our mostly bug free evenings out here.

We moved my bird feeding station around to the side of this deck instead of out front. I love watching the birds that come to my bird feeders.

Once my coffee is finished, I have to go work in my office. I have a load of paperwork waiting on me.

I can hear my chickens from where I sit. I will go open their door into their pen up in a bit. I have 2 Red Star hens, 2 Whiting True Blue hens, and 10 Mille Fleur Bantams. I have always loved the unique chickens. My Mille Fleur chickens are starting to have their white tips come out on their feathers. They say their coloring gets better and better as they age. The roosters top out at about 1 1/2 lbs. and the hens at 1 lb.

Clyde one of my Mille Fleur roosters

I turn my chickens out to free range in the afternoons. My dog Finn will sometimes go put them back in their pen. He is learning to leave them be. I tell him it is his job to protect them.

The appliance guy was here first thing this morning. My ice maker was cracked. Hopefully now I will have ice cubes instead of ice chunks in my ice tray.

I am looking forward to the rest of my day. I have a busy weekend ahead of me so I may not be back on here til Sunday.

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