Meet Finnegan otherwise know as Finn. He is my constant companion when I am outside. He loves to ride in our Viking and go for our long hikes on our property. He is a blue merle Australian Shepherd. He is almost 4 years old.

He was such an adorable puppy.

He has loved exploring and playing out on our property since day one. If we go for a ride or hike Finn goes with us.

He has in the past year adopted a cat. She will not come close to us or let us touch her. She is very leery of being caught. She loves Finn though and will wait with him for daily treats.

Finn hardly ever barks so when we hear him we know we had better check it out. He is very protective of me and our granddaughter Anna. If he thinks there is someone or something close that could harm us, he will not leave our side. He stays right in front of us with his low growl warning whatever or whomever is out there.

My husband is not a dog person. He generally dislikes all dogs. But even he likes Finn and will let him ride on his tractor with him.

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