Busy Summer Weekend

This has been a busy weekend. I finally have a few minutes down time. Saturday started with Bantam Football. Our grandson Gage had his game Saturday morning. His brother Daniel’s game was scheduled for the afternoon but was cancelled.

Since the second game was cancelled I came home and my husband and I mowed. We have a lot to mow. We mowed til around 4 pm when the grandkids arrived for us to babysit.

We had moose roast for supper with corn on the cob. The moose roast was a big hit.

Sunday started with travel baseball. Gage is playing on a travel team and his first game today started at 9 am. He played a second game at 11 am. I enjoy watching my grandkids play with their teams. Part of our grandkids are farther away and I don’t get to watch their games much. Their parents keep me updated on how things go for them.

As for the rest of my weekend, I am taking it easy and enjoying our deck. I’m going to do a little reading. Come tomorrow I won’t have much time for taking it easy. I always try to find downtime on Sundays to refuel for the coming week.

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