Storm Clean Up

We spent this past Labor Day Weekend in Missouri. A storm had come through a few days before we arrived. Our neighbor had a tree on his house and we had one across our driveway, with limbs and branches scattered everywhere. Our flag that usually hangs on our deck disappeared with the storm was no where to be found. It took the flag mount and all. There is no telling where that flag ended up. The contractor working in our basement cut up the tree(before we arrived) that landed across our driveway. My husband hauled the wood out to our farm where he split it and added to our growing pile. I proceeded to clean up our yard and driveway so that we could mow.

We were fortunate to not have worse damage. Our neighbor had damage to his house and porch.

We had not been out for 3 weeks and our yard desperately needed cut. The grass was so thick. Our neighbor had mown part of our yard for us. Our first two days out there were spent cleaning up from the storm and cutting our grass. By the time we left it looked much better.

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