Bull Troubles

We have been down on our farm for the past few days. The first day here I was helping my sister check my brother’s cattle. The first bunch we were checking is the smaller group. She put some grain in the trough for them and hollered for them. They started coming in and we started counting.

In the midst of our counting in strolls a bull. We look at each other and immediately say, “Where did you come from?” There is no bull on that side of the road. He was a nice looking young bull.

We finished counting and headed to check the fence. We found a big limb down on the fence. It took all we had to lift it off the fence. We then fixed the fence. We drove around the rest of the fence looking for any other places that the bull could have come through.

My brother and the neighbor Tex will be trailering the bull and taking him back home in a few days.

The next morning I arrive and my sister informs me that my brother’s bull that is on pasture back behind our property is now in with our cows. Our bull was not liking this. We got a bucket of grain and went and found my brother’s bull (Big Boy).

My sister started walking in front of the bull with the grain leading him to the gate. She would pour tiny piles our for Big Boy to follow. I came behind in our mule to make sure he stayed in the right direction. We walked him right through the gate this way.

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