Kayaking the Big Piney

I love to kayak. Whether on a lake or river I love it. I have two kayaks. I am not into white water rapids kind of kayaking. I love to get out and enjoy nature.

I would rather do it without a crowd. Crowds on the river make it dangerous at times. The party crowds are having fun but can make things dangerous. If you are drunk and on the water, you are a danger not only to yourself but to others.

Not too long ago my sister and I floated the Big Piney River in Houston, MO. It is hardly ever crowded and we usually have it to ourselves. This time when we arrived at our launching spot there were already several other kayakers there. Word must have gotten out about our nice quiet river float area.

We managed to beat all but two of them into the water. The two in from of us were fishing so that made it easy to get in front of them. Once out front we had the river to ourselves. It was awesome. Usually this time of year you can not float that stretch of river. Thanks to the rain we were able to float that stretch.

Southern Missouri is blessed with numerous springs. With all those springs the river water in most rivers is cold even in the heat of summer. There are some really beautiful kayaking rivers in Missouri. They draw people from all over to come kayak.

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