Weekend at the Farm

We went to our farm over the weekend. Our bull had went through the fence with a cow and calf to my brother’s side. So, that meant we had fence to fix. We proceeded to pull the wire from the fence post in the section that needed to be repaired. We then pulled the post. It took most of the day but we had the fence repaired. We are planning on adding one more strand at the top for safe measure. We managed to coax the cow back through the gate and the following morning the calf was waiting at the gate to be let through to momma. We then went back with a bucket of grain and got the bull to follow us back to our property.

We managed to corral our last two bull calves and get them banded. We had been trying to get them up but they kept avoiding getting caught in the corral. We have one more cow due to calve and then we are done calving til next year.

We also finally burnt our huge pile we had been throwing stuff on as we cleaned up around the farm. We still have a lot to clean up but this is a start.

My husband cleared both trails to one of our smaller ponds. We can now drive to it from two different directions.

We had our well drilled while we were there. We have water! The water flow was 30 gallons per minute. Southwest Missouri is blessed with water. I for some reason did not take a picture of our well house once the pump was installed and the well house in place. We now are waiting to hear for the health department to see is our water is safe to drink.

I spent more time out there this last time. I went to grazing school. It is a class offered by the Missouri State University by the US Soil and Water Conservation. It was really interesting. I learned a lot. I took lots of notes, 30 pages of them to be exact. We visited a couple farms as part of our learning process.

We have someone from our county extension office coming out to our farm this next week to help us get a plan in place for our farm. We know it will take time to get our farm the way we want it. It will take careful planning and a lot of work.

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