Bittersweet Weekend

This past weekend was a bittersweet weekend for us. Three years ago we bought a house in the town close to where my family lives. We have really enjoyed having our own place there. It was the perfect little getaway spot for us.

This summer we purchased 80 acres of what used to be my grandparents farm. We do not need two different properties out there so we decided to sell the house in town. My sister offered for to use part of her house while we figure out what we are going to do on the property.

We have been considering three options. We place a camper on the property since we are usually only there for long weekends, we build something small there or we pull in a small 2 bedroom modular/mobile home. The most economic choice is the 2 bedroom modular/mobile.

We moved everything out of our house in town this weekend. We started on Friday and moved the last load Sunday.

Now when we are out there we will just have to walk out the door to work on our farm.

This house has a rock fireplace that has a story to it. I have loved this fireplace from the first time I saw it. The man who built the house in 1980 had a party. The story is he asked all his friends and neighbors to come and to bring a rock from their property. Those rocks were then used to build his fireplace. The rocks in this fireplace came from all over Texas and Wright county Missouri. There are even a few arrowheads in the fireplace.

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