Winter Storm Baby

When we bought our 80 acres we also purchased 5 cows and a bull. Four of our cows had had their calves. So far we had 3 bull calves (which are now steers) and a little heifer calf. All four were born in August. We have been waiting on that fifth calf and wouldn’t you know it she came in the midst of our first winter storm.

I got a phone call from my sister. She was worried about cow number 55. She had disappeared and was nowhere to be found. She was not coming up with the rest of the cows.

My first reaction was to ask where our bull was. She told me he was at the bottom of the new road my husband had cut in to one of our small ponds. I was relieved. I told her that number 55 was probably up in there somewhere having her calf. Every time one of our cows was calving the bull would be not far away by himself. It is like he stands guard until he knows everything is ok and then he rejoins the rest of the herd.

Sure enough a day or two later my sister found our new baby. It is a little heifer calf. She was hiding in the ice covered bushes.

She is now coming up with her Momma when the cows come to get grain.

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