A Little Family History

I have a distant cousin who was an author in the early 1900’s. She was a cousin by marriage. She was born and grew up here in Indiana. Her name was Margaret Hill McCarter. She became a teacher. She moved to Kansas in 1888 to head the department of English at Topeka High School. She married Dr. William A McCarter, a dentist there in Topeka, Kansas. He was a first cousin of my Great Great Grandfather, Charles Alva McCarter. I always thought she was an aunt by marriage, but after researching I found that she was a cousin by marriage.

I have been collecting her books for a while now.

In 1920 Margaret Hill McCarter became the first woman to speak before the Republican National Convention. I found a copy of her speech. You can tell that she was a staunch supporter of women’s rights.

“I want to speak but one word for the women of America. We are organized, we are trained, we are ready for the duties of citizenship. We stand loyally by the party inaugurated by Abraham Lincoln; the party of Liberty and Light, of morality and love; the party that has never failed in its loyalty to the good old Stars and Stripes. It’s banner has been Old Glory waving above, and the crimson of all our sunsets, the blue of our June skies, the white of the eternal snows are gathered in that banner, which the women of America must follow if we would have the strength and power and sweetness and nobility of real government for all the people.
Margaret Hill McCarter

The above is a quote from her speech that historical day in Chicago.

The McCarter generations go back to our nation’s earliest days. We have had family members in almost every war that our nation has fought, starting with the Revolutionary War. I am proud of my family’s heritage.

I have a rich family heritage in all branches of my family.

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