These cold frozen days are what I want and need in the winter. It has been so wet that my logging crew has not worked in the woods since before Christmas. The guys are working today! 
     It’s 23 degrees outside and I actually wish it was a bit colder. I’m hoping that we don’t get snow, because the snow insulates the ground and it does not freeze as hard. 
     If we try to work with all the rain we have had, our skidder and dozer just bury themselves in mud and muck up the property something terrible. These below freezing temperatures are a Godsend to our business and other logging businesses in the area.

I really wish this cold spell would last longer than they say it is going to last. I’m hoping for a lot less rain for a while. We need it to dry up. It’s almost like we don’t have winter anymore. We just have a long wet season.
I remember winters when it would stay frozen almost the entire month of January.
We are supposed to have one more frozen day and then it’s back to above freezing temps.
I have a warm pot of chili waiting on the stove.

My husband is a log buyer for a local veneer company and I own a logging business.

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