This and That Saturday

Today I worked on different projects throughout the day. The first thing on the order was a trip to town at 7am. I went to the bakery to pick up some donuts for the grandkids then on to Walmart. I now know when to go to Walmart. There was hardly anyone in there. It was awesome.

Once back home I went through my material stash looking for pieces to use in a quilt I’m getting ready to start. I found a mystery quilt along. I am excited because it is the first mystery quilt along I’ve decided take part in.

I still need to find a few more pieces and the background fabric. I will do that this next week.

I then ran into town to Kathy’s, a small local restaurant. Our elderly neighbor can no longer drive and he was wanting lunch from Kathy’s. I went and picked up his lunch of fried chicken, creamed peas and plum pie.

This afternoon I cleaned out my project basket which sits beside my chair in the living room. It now only has current projects in it. 😁

I now have homemade pizzas In the oven. Some of our grandkids are coming to spend the night with us. I fixed pizza for supper and bought donuts for their breakfast in the morning.

Now I’m watching a documentary on women gladiators while waiting on the pizzas to get done. This has truly been a this and that day.

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