Lessons Learned From Grandparents

Some of my most favorite life lessons were learned working alongside my grandparents. When I visited my grandparents I worked right alongside them doing whatever needed done at that time.

I was privileged to have two sets of hard working grandparents. My mother’s parents had a dairy. I loved spending time in the dairy barn with them. I learned by doing a variety of tasks in the dairy barn. I’ve washed the surge milkers and swept and shoveled the manure from the floor so that it could be limed.

I loved the smell of the feed room in the dairy barn and every time I open one of our feed barrels I am transported back in thought to those days with my grandparents.

My Dad’s parents had a farm also. They raised beef cattle. My grandmother worked at a shoe factory. I learned a lot of my gardening skills from them. No matter what they were doing they had us kids right there with them.

I remember helping my grandpa pull a calf because my hands were smaller than his and I could reach in and attach the pull to the calf.

My grandmother taught me to crochet and from that skill bloomed my love for crafting. My grandfather tatted and tried to teach me that skill. I only acquired the ability to do the basic beginning picot. I have a few treasured pieces that my grandfather made. I am determined to learn this skill. I recently purchased the supplies needed to try again.

This past weekend I was privileged to work with my dad and several others as we cut, split, hauled and stacked firewood.

My Dad is 77 and he enjoys cutting and splitting firewood. He gathered us to have a day of getting firewood supplied for his neighbor. The neighbor was worried about Dad and my Dad was worried about the neighbor. It was awesome to see the care and thought they had towards each other.

As I watched my dad work surrounded by his grandsons, I could only hope they were picking up some lessons from their hard working grandfather. He has so much for them to learn from. He is one of the hardest working men I have ever known. He can fix just about anything. He is the one we go to when we have a question about the cattle we are raising.
I once told my son that if he could glean just a bit of the wisdom my dad has he would be better for it. Yes, he is old school and old fashioned, but that is just part of who he is. As we lose our older generations we are losing skills that not many possess today. I am so thankful for the skills I learned working along side my parents and grandparents.

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