My Crafting Room

We have one finished room in our basement. In the past it has been our daughters’ bedroom. For the past few years I’ve been turning it into my crafting/workout room.
I have three workout machines in one corner and the rest of the room is for crafting.
I recently purchased a quilters table. I’ve been putting it together over the last three days.

I have my Cricut supplies stored in and underneath this table. I’m new to the Cricut. I’m learning and loving it. This table is a perfect addition to my craft room.
I am taking part in my first mystery quilt along. I’m excited about this quilt I’m starting. I’ve done crochet and knitting mystery stitch alongs. I’ve loved every one of them.

This afternoon I started cutting my required squares for this mystery quilt. I’m doing a queen size quilt.

I hope to finish cutting my squares out tomorrow.

For right now I’m sitting in my recliner watching a Hallmark movie while I write my post.

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