My Valentine

Valentine’s Day was last weekend. We have never really celebrated the day as anything other than just another day. My husband has once in a great while brought home flowers.
We don’t need a special day to show that we love each other. We do that every day of our lives by the things we do for each other. It shows in all the little normal things that we do.
We do have one tradition for both Valentine’s Day and our anniversary. We will head in to a store that has cards and pick one out for each other. We then hand it to the other to read and then put them back on the shelf and walk out.
This past weekend we went out to our 80 acre farm in Missouri. We spent the weekend working on our farm. We recently sold our home away from home out there because we bought 80 acres of my grandparents’ farm this past summer. We are in the process of making a place for our fifth wheel camper. We are going to set it up on a pad there for our weekends there.

The camper is plenty big for us and has everything we need for our stays out there.

our camper kitchen

The camper has plenty of storage and a washer and dryer.
Until we get the camper set up we are staying with my sister who is just across the road. This past weekend we were there working and did not go to town for our usual card tradition. My sister has a box of cards and we picked one for each other out of those and read them then put them back. So we still carried on our only Valentines tradition.
My husband is without a doubt the hardest working man I know. He loves to work and cannot stand to just do nothing. When we go on a trip he is just itching to get back home so he can work. His chill time is being outside working hard.

My husband also has the biggest heart of anyone I know. His mind is always dwelling on helping and taking care of others.
We were clearing a fence row this past weekend. He spent the first couple days cutting trees out of the fence line. Then we patched the fenced up in a few places. We plan on replacing the fence sometime in the future, but until then the mending job will work. This past weekend while working on that fence row he looked at me and said, “The work here is never ending, but I absolutely love it.”

4 thoughts on “My Valentine

  1. That’s quite a camper you have there! Are those your steer? You have a lovely property and it looks like you are going to be getting things done in short order too! Thank you for visiting me today!

    ~ Lynda on the Farmlet

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    • Thank you! We found this used camper a couple months ago at a dealer near our home. It is perfect for what we are using it. Yes they are our cows. We have a few cows, a bull, and some young calves.

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      • LOL, I figured out they were cows when I looked again and saw their udders!!! Silly to say it, but I never knew cow’s udders to be any color but pink… you learn something new every day. 😉

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