Unfinished Projects

This year one of my goals is to finish several craft projects that I have started but not finished. I finished a dresser scarf last night. So this is the beginning of completing my goal. Here is my dresser scarf.

I have several projects left. As you can see in the picture below there is a variety of crafts. I

I just joined a quilt along in January. I was working on quilt pieces this afternoon when the screen on my sewing machine started flickering. I bought the machine a little over a year ago in a close out sale. They came out with a newer top of the line and so these had to be sold. Mine is a floor model and I got a really good deal for that reason. I also bought the 3 year warranty for that reason. I absolutely love this sewing machine. I took it in today where I purchased it. He knew immediately what my problem was. He was hoping to fix it in the store. If he doesn’t have the part it will have to be sent off. I’m really hoping he can fix it right there so that I get it back quicker.

This problem is caused by static in between a couple wires going from the power cord to the motherboard. I am hoping to hear from him tomorrow telling me it’s good to go. This evening I’m picking up one of those projects above to work on as I watch a bit of tv.

One thought on “Unfinished Projects

  1. Somewhere in this house with me is a cross-stitch project I was gifted in second grade. The next time it surfaces, I’m going to give it a good hard stare and see if it’s still in shape to finish, or if it has disintegrated. It’s been quite a while since I was in second grade!

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