As soon as our children were old enough we consistently taught them a very important lesson that is lacking in a whole lot of people. We would always ask them, “When something is going wrong, what are you never to do?” They would answer as we taught them, “Do not panic!”
Over the last couple weeks I’ve seen the result of adults everywhere in a major state of panic. When you panic you cannot think straight. You cannot make sound decisions. I have never seen such selfishness and greed. You are so afraid that you might have to use a magazine page or a few leaves because you ran out of toilet paper while quarantined that you are in full blown panic. It makes me wonder how in the world the majority of people would survive if they lost all their conveniences of this modern world. I do believe they would go stark raving mad. Panic should never be an option. In the face of disaster you need to remain calm so that you can think clearly. Thinking clearly enables a person to come up with a plan.
Our liberal press is responsible for most of this panic. This is what they want. They are on a warpath against our president and they do not care one bit the harm they are causing.
Let us please be considerate of others. Stay calm. I would hate to have the reputation of a panic driven hoarder once this is over. Your children are watching.

3 thoughts on “Panic

  1. I quite agree and have said the same thing on my post!!!!! I don’t think our Government in the UK help either. They are telling people not to panic but that we need food for two weeks if we have to isolate but then are telling people not to buy food!!!!!! People are just so confused!!!!! Stay safe. Hugs, Susie xx

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  2. I also couldn’t agree more – since when did grown adults lose their basic ability to cope with diversity? We’ve had too much prosperity for too long, I guess. Hopefully we take away some lessons from this whole experience that will hold us better through the next!

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