Day 3 of Indiana Quarantine

It was raining this morning. I put a turkey in brine to soak. I used my crock weights to keep it down in the brine.

I worked for a while in the office. After I was finished in the office I headed outside. I planted my romaine lettuce today and discovered that some critter had transplanted a daffodil to my raised garden. My rhubarb is looking good.

I mixed up som dormant oil to spray my peach tree, apple tree and blueberry bushes. My peach tree is going to be loaded if we don’t have a freeze.

My husband had went to look at some logs and when he returned were going to go on our daily walk. I stuffed my turkey with celery, onion and apples. I put my turkey in the oven before we took off.

It was a bit wet out there today.

We headed back to the house and had our supper out on the deck.

2 thoughts on “Day 3 of Indiana Quarantine

  1. your spring is far advanced from us in north central Missouri. however, today, the forecasted thunderstorms have not arrived and seem to have gone south of us. instead, we have a breezy, but sunny warm day. very welcomed indeed. lovely photos you have posted.

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    • Thank you. We could still have a freeze. I usually plant my cool weather plants in March and they have less pest that way. We own 80 acres in southwest Missouri. We are dying to go out but are staying put for the protection of others.

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