Day 7 of Indiana Quarantine

Lately I’ve been working with Finn to teach him a new trick. We have been working on rolling over. Since I have plenty of eggs, I boil my bantam eggs and use them as treats for Finn. He loves them. I put a couple in my jacket pocket when I head outside. He gets so excited. Until today I’ve always had to touch his side when he lays down to get him to roll over. Today he smelled the eggs in my pocket. I told him to lay down and I no sooner got roll out of my mouth and he rolled over and sat up waiting on his egg. 😂

Finn is such a good dog. He is a perfect fit with us.

I did a bit of laundry today and worked on my quilt pieces. My diamond painting got a bit attention today. Now I need to go get a property map printed off. We are getting ready to run the timber on this property and need the egis map.

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