Day 9 of Indiana Quarantine

I spent the morning in my office figuring footage for workbill numbers for my business.

I headed outside after my lunch to check out my herbs and a few other plants.

English Thyme
Oregano is coming back
My Hen n Chicks

My egg bucket was full so I washed and refrigerated the eggs.

Finn and I went for our normal walk today. We were skirting around the fields when I seen something black scramble across the field. I could not figure out what it was until I got closer and smelled it. Then I was glad it had crossed to the opposite side of the field. I would not have wanted Finn or me to come back smelling like a skunk.

We went down to my favorite spot at the lake. I sat there for a while.

I shot some pics of the blooming trees on my way back to the house.

I enjoyed my day. This afternoon I listened to music, danced around my house getting things done.

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