Day 12 of Indiana Quarantine

Yesterday morning I put an order in at Walmart for pickup. Today we headed over there to pick it up. I get a message after time for my pickup slot to start. The message told me that my order was delayed. I called them since I was there and they said it would be 2-3 hours before my order was ready. I cancelled my order and went to Kroger. My husband dropped me off and he went to Rural King for bird seed for our neighbor and chicken feed for his mom. I had to wait on a cart at Kroger. You would have thought it was the day before Christmas or Thanksgiving. I could not believe the number of people in the store. My husband text me and said that Rural King was the same. He asked the cashier about it and she said the people flow has been about the same as before the shutdown. The only difference is people are buying more. I was able to get my mother-n-law some toilet paper at Kroger. I really don’t want to go in the store again if it’s going to be that crowded. I came home and placed a pickup order with my favorite Kroger for next Sunday. I have used the grocery pickup ever since stores started doing it. I spend less on my groceries and I get to just drive up and pick it up.

Other than the shopping fiasco my day has been good. We started with watching the Elevation church service this morning. I fixed French toast with my homemade sourdough bread. We had sausage with the French toast.

Now I’m watching Hallmark movies. When I’m done posting this post I will pick up my knitting and finish my scarf.

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