Day 14 of Indiana Quarantine

I was able to capture the sunrise this morning. It looked like a line of fire in the distance behind the woods. It quickly disappeared behind the clouds.

I spent my morning scouring seed sites for my favorite garden seeds. There were so many that were sold out. I did manage to get what I needed after much searching. Our garden was tilled this afternoon by my husband’s cousin. My husband has a tractor but doesn’t have a tiller for it. His cousin has a tiller attachment and tills our garden each year. Our garden produces quite a bit of our food for the winter. I put the food up each harvest. It doesn’t take as much now as it used to take. Our garden is getting smaller. I also have 3 raised garden beds that are 4 ft by 16 ft.

This afternoon I took a few pictures of the birds around my bird feeding station. The picture below was my favorite of the few I shot.

Take care and enjoy your week. These are tough times but we can still find joy in the little things.

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