Day 17 of Indiana Quarantine

This morning we headed to our accountant’s to sign our tax papers. I had placed two curbside pick up orders. The first order we picked up was at Tractor supply. We had ordered garden fence panels, fertilizer and pet food. We then headed to Meijer. I finally had figured out how to get a grocery pick up time slot. The shopper had been texting me. She would check with me about the few substitutions to replace the few items that were on my list that they did not have. That is why I like Meijer grocery pick up. The shopper communicates with you from the time she starts shopping til she is checking out and bringing them out.
Once we had the groceries dispersed to parents and neighbor we took our part home and unloaded.
We got our garden fertilized and I planted my peas. We ordered pizza, breadsticks and wings for supper. While waiting on our supper to come we continued to work outside. I noticed that one front corner of our yard is just totally covered with wild violets.

Last but not least in honor of national sibling day I’m posting a picture of my siblings. I love my siblings. I’m fortunate to count them as not only family but best of friends.

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