Day 20 of Indiana Quarantine

It was back to work today. I worked in my office this morning. This afternoon I got out our smoker. I fixed a brine of water, salt and brown sugar. I put some orange roughy filets in the brine for a couple hours.

I spent the afternoon cleaning and doing laundry. After the fish had soaked for a couple of hours I started up the smoker, set the temperature and time. I had applewood chips soaking. I drained them and took the fish out of the brine. Once the smoker had reached the preset temp I put the fish in the smoker. I then loaded the wood chamber with the chips. It took about 2 hours for the fish to cook.
I did not get pictures of the fish, but it was delicious. I fixed mac and cheese and peas to go with the fish.

My chickens are shut up for the night and I’m relaxing while watching National Treasure.

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