Day 27 of Indiana Quarantine

This morning I made a grocery run for my in-laws and our neighbor. I went to the only grocery store in our county. I actually scored both toilet paper and paper towels for them.

This afternoon I did a virtual doctor’s call for my mother-n-law. I ended up taking her to the er for some test the dr. wanted her to have. He called ahead so that they were ready for her. I sat in the parking lot in my truck. I read my book while waiting and I did doze off a time or two. My mother-n-law is now back home safe and sound. I’m very thankful for the medical staff at our local hospital. They work hard to keep things safe for non-covid patients that need care.

There are so many people really hurting right now. They can’t work and there is no money coming in. There are so many people that live paycheck to paycheck. This is what our president was talking about when he said the cure could not be worse than the virus. He knows that people are hurting and need to get back to work. I believe the vulnerable still need to shelter in place til the danger is passed for them, but I also believe we need to start getting people back to work. I’ve been fortunate to own an essential business.

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