Day 33 of Indiana Quarantine

Another day of enjoyable work. We worked around our camper site this morning. Troy went into the woods to cut the trees that were blocking the internet tower. Turns out they needed cut. They were hollow. I stood on one of the gravel piles to watch and see if the tree he cut was the correct one. We can now see the tower. Next trip we will be setting a post for the internet receiver. Right now we are relying on our phone hotspots. I sometimes need the internet for work purposes. We also use the internet to stream movies and tv.

I potted a couple planters with rose moss. It is a plant that thrives in drought conditions. That makes it the perfect type of plant to have in a pot on our patio area out there. I won’t have to worry about it needing water all the time.

I unpacked quite a bit today. I still have stuff to sort through next trip to the farm. We are now headed home.

The picture below is of a clock I picked up in a local shop. I thought placing it on the top shelf of my small bookcase out there was the perfect spot.

We will try to get back out there soon. We have several things we are wanting to get completed. We are fortunate to have a vehicle that can make the entire trip on one tank of fuel. We are continuing to practice safety precautions.

I hope you had a great weekend.

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