Day 53 of Quarantine

We started the day with our usual French toast breakfast and a YouTube church service.

I make the French toast from my sourdough bread which I made yesterday.

Yesterday was a lot of fun. My husband had our grandsons doing yard work. They trimmed trees and mowed most of the day. Our granddaughter helped me plant flowers.

Later in the evening Troy got out the 22 rifle and they went to shooting tree paint cans. We can’t put them in the dumpster unless they have holes in them. Troy shot the cap off of one without knocking the can down. He challenged our daughter to do the same. She did. She knocked that cap off and left the can standing.

I finished the first block in the Silver Linings quilting project my sewing club is doing. I then traced the bonus embroidery block and started working on it.

My peonies are starting to bloom and my chives are in full bloom.

I had a great weekend and hope that you did too!😊

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