Day 54 of Quarantine

Our day started a little early. We got a call just past midnight and we needed to run one of our daughters to the hospital. Her husband was not home yet and she needed us to take her. She has been battling an infection for a few months now. She has had an iv in, a pic line and been on oral antibiotics. Every time they take away the iv antibiotic and give her oral antibiotics she ends up aching, running a fever and will have a horrible headache. When she was 14 she fell out of a tree and became paralyzed from around the T12 vertebrae down. She is now 31. She has a pressure wound that they had to open back up and scrape her bone. The wound is now healing but she is still fighting this dreadful infection. They admitted her last night or I should say early this morning. They are trying to get to a solution for this infection. I’m praying that they will figure out what will kill this infection. She has been through so much. We could not go in with her. It is so hard to leave your child(even though they are an adult) and to walk away because you are not allowed in.

The rest of my day was spent working in the office and then finishing the newest steps to the silver lining quilt along.

It rained this evening and now the frogs are so loud. I’m really enjoying listening to them.

These flowers close up at night and open up during the day.

4 thoughts on “Day 54 of Quarantine

  1. Wishing your daughter well. It must have been so hard to leave her at the hospital. I keep seeing the News about not going into hospital with loved ones who are taken in with Coronavirus. Of course, that’s in the News – but not so much of the ‘everyday emergencies’ if you can get an ‘everyday emergency’ but you know what I mean. A daughter’s friend had to take herself off to a local A&E department last week with a dreadful urine infection – she was dealt with quickly and safely and gave high praise to those dealing with her at the time. To be a doctor or nurse must be tough at the best of times.

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    • Thank you. It is hard to work in the medical field. We have a few nurses, therapist and a nurse practitioner in the family. I’m thankful for our medical workers. They are doing what they can to keep everyone safe.


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