Update on our daughter

This is an update our son-n-law put out.

Well we’ve been a little quiet about it here lately but Emily has been in the hospital since Sunday night because of high levels of bone infection, having horrible headaches , high fevers ,and not eating, but today she is a little better sounding, they are putting a chest port “catheter” in today because IV picc lines keep getting infected, so hopefully momma is home this evening and still feeling better! she was feeling great Saturday had told me to go race then Sunday everything went downhill, which is the way this infection has gone ups and downs lots of them , this has been a long hard road for her and I’m thankful for her and my parents or we would have had a much harder road , remember her in your Prayers, we know God has a reason for everything, and a plan ! we just have to trust him thru our weak times!!! Thank you all !

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