Day 58 of Quarantine

We now have internet! It works great. It is hard to get good internet here where our farm is. We had two spots that you could see the tower. I spent part of my day getting our tv, computer and tablet connected. Now when I bring work with me I can connect and get things done.

My lunch today was a blueberry yogurt I got from the Market Wagon. It is the best yogurt I have ever had. I added granola to it.

This evening we put our cows in the corral to separate calves from their moms. We had an audience across the road. My brother’s calves lined up across the road to watch. We moved the cows back out of the corral and kept our calves in the corral. We put weaning clips in their noses and turned them back out. We don’t have our pasture separated yet so we are using weaning clips.

We are enjoying our weekend on the farm. I hope you are enjoying your weekend.

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