A Good Day

I’m done counting the days of quarantine. Our state is in stage 3 of opening up. We had a good day here on our farm. Our calves still have their nose rings in. Troy got all the gravel spread. I cleaned the room and bathroom we used in my sister’s house one last time. I then vacuumed our camper and filed my fuel tax for my business.

we went for a drive around the property today. There is an old house site on our farm. There is a ton of irises growing there. I plan on digging up a few to plant at home.

Troy grilled chicken and asparagus and I fixed baked potatoes in the instant pot. We enjoyed a glass of ice tea with our meal.

I need to get our dishes cleaned up. We are enjoying our weekend so very much. We hope you are enjoying life! We need to make the most of the life we have.

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