Memorial Day is a day for honoring those who gave their all for our nation. We have the freedom we have because they gave their all. I’m thankful for those men and women who have given us the precious gift of freedom.

Even though this day was meant for honoring soldiers who gave their all we also have the tradition of remembering our own loved ones who have died. We decorate their graves and pay tribute to them.

Today I visited two graveyards. I went to the graves of my grandparents.

My dad’s parents
my mom’s parents

I was immensely blessed with two sets of awesome grandparents. I miss them so much. I would love to go walk the fence with my Grandma Delaney(my mother’s mom) one more time or sit at the table pouring over the family Bible, asking her questions about my ancestors and taking notes from her answers. I remember helping her sort through her mother’s things after Great Grandma had passed away. Grandma had a story to tell about most of her mother’s belongings.

My mother’s parents had a dairy. I loved to go there. I loved watching the milk swirl around and around in the milk tank. I loved the smell of the feed room. When the milk truck came to pick up the milk the driver would give us kids a pack of peanuts. We would munch on them as we watched him hook the hose up and drain the milk out of my grandparents’ milk tank. Most of all I loved being in the milk barn when my grandparents milked because I was with them both. I remember my grandfather having to shoo me away from the bullpen. The bullpen was a big NO! We lost my grandfather 2 days after my eleventh birthday. We had our grandmother for many more years. Today I stood at the door of a milk tank room in a barn. The smell brought all these memories flooding into my mind. If I closed my eyes I could imagine myself as a young girl standing in my grandparents barn.

My dad’s parents were equally awesome grandparents. I loved spending time with them . It did not matter what they were doing they would include us kids. They had us work alongside of them learning as we worked. My grandmother almost always had chocolate chip cookie bars in the cookie jar. She worked for the Brown shoe company In Mountain Grove. My grandfather raised cattle and worked the farm. I will admit, I was his girl. He always told me I looked like my grandma(I may have favored her, but I am built like my other grandmother) My grandfather tatted, my grandmother crocheted and quilted. I learned to crochet from my grandmother.

Today was a walk down memory lane. This evening we had friends and some family over. We grilled hotdogs and enjoyed each other’s company. I’m very thankful for the family I have been blessed with.

2 thoughts on “Remembering

  1. I enjoyed reading the memories about your grandparents. I was privileged to know your dads parents and they were special people. I never knew grandpa Delaney but my mom talked about him. Grandma Delaney was a special lady and I miss her very much.

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