Full Days

We have been super busy. We have a lot of mowing that we do. Sunday we mowed around the edge of our fields. That is my walking track. There was rye in the fields and today they started planting corn.

We finally got our garden planted. My tomato plants really needed to be in the ground. It’s been so wet and it’s so nice to have it dry enough to plant.

I’ve got in a bit of sewing yesterday. I got a few of the blocks finished.

I spent most of today in the office working. I’ll be in there again tomorrow. Tomorrow I have to complete my insurance audit. I also have to check on Troy’s parents through the day. His dad is being moved maybe tomorrow to a nursing home. It’s been a tough job preparing him for this.

Summer is my busiest time. Between my business and our garden I am kept hopping. I hope everyone is staying safe.

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