New Baby

The weekend on the farm was just what we needed. Sunday evening while out looking at our fields we seen one of our cows off by herself. We figured we’d have a calf by morning. The next morning I went to check on her and sure enough she had a little bull calf.

I went back up and got the bands, banding tool, tags and tagging tool ready. We went back down there and banded and tagged the little fellow. By the time we were done we had an audience. Last years calves were standing there watching. Mama was quick to put them in their place.

We went back up and finished up what we needed to before heading out for Indiana. I watered my rose moss. I chose the rose moss because it does well in dry conditions. I love all the different colors.

Today it’s back at it here at home. I watched two grands this afternoon for a while. Today has been beautiful. I repotted some petunias this evening and now I’m enjoying our deck.

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