Back on the Farm again

We made the trip out to the farm again. Troy is trying to get our fields cut. We had another bull calf born this week and need to get him banded and tagged. We have to catch him first. He is a handsome little fellow.

We also have new babies back home in Indiana. My Whiting True Blue hen has been setting on eggs. She hatched 3 lil chicks. She is a fierce momma. She got Finn through the gate. He was just being nosy, sticking his nose in at the gate and she was like “Oh, no you don’t !” and flogged his nose. He jumped back and looked up at me like, “What did I do?”

Even though our world is in turmoil, life continues on in the midst. I believe if we want change we need to be the change we want to see. Change always starts with ourselves. We do not need to forget the past or we will be doomed to repeat it. We need to learn from the past so that we do not repeat the bad.

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