Summer Evening

I’m sitting out on our deck listening to the sound around me.

I can hear the bull frogs, tree frogs, an owl in the distance and our neighbor kids playing in their front yard. I think they are catching lightening bugs. I enjoy all the sounds around me. It’s relaxing to listen to the night sounds.

Now fireworks are added into the mix. I love that we have the freedom to celebrate our freedom. Even in the midst of all the unrest and chaos I am grateful to live where I live. I’m so very thankful for those who came before us. They fought and many died so that we could have the freedoms we have. So many fellow citizens do not know our true history. They only skim over things in our schools and leave out so many facts. If one is interested in our history you can log into the Library of Congress and there you will find a treasure trove of historical documents, journals, and books that tell our nation’s story. Not many people are interested in the truth nowadays. Well there I went off on a rabbit trail again.

I’m still sitting outside enjoying the sounds around me. The night sky is beautiful. My Tiki torches allow me to sit out here at night without the pesky mosquitoes bothering me.

We had two young yellow finches get inside our garage today. It took forever to get them out. One finally made it out. The other one had to be wore down so that my husband could just pick it up and take it outside.

Until the next time I bid you good evening.

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