Intro to Our Past

When I married my husband he had his own logging business. It was not your ordinary logging business. He logged with horses. The business was Troy Law Horse Logging.

Within a few months of our marriage our vehicles quit on us. We did have this old log truck. It had only the driver’s seat. We made it work any way. I would sit on a milk crate next to my husband. He would drop me off in the mornings at the small school where I taught 2nd grade. After school our friend Kim would pick me up and we would go to her house. Kim and I would split firewood with a wood splitter. When the guys came in from work they would deliver the firewood. We would fix supper while they delivered the wood and once they were back we’d eat. We did that for a few weeks that fall.

This is not the truck mentioned above. It is one of our earlier trucks though.

Troy’s Dad worked with him for around 10 years after we were married. Troy’s first time in the log woods with horses was when he was 13. It was 1978. The year of the big blizzard. They went to help a local logger get his logs out when his equipment could not do so because of the snow.

My husband loved the forestry/logging industry from that time on.

Troy’s dad with a team

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