Morning Enjoyment

Morning View

I am sitting on my deck this morning with my coffee enjoying my view. We added this deck on this summer along with french doors into our dining room. This has been a spring and summer of remodeling. We remodeled our kitchen, hallway and hall bathroom. I love all our remodels but this deck is my favorite. We put the tiki torches around at night and enjoy our mostly bug free evenings out here.

We moved my bird feeding station around to the side of this deck instead of out front. I love watching the birds that come to my bird feeders.

Once my coffee is finished, I have to go work in my office. I have a load of paperwork waiting on me.

I can hear my chickens from where I sit. I will go open their door into their pen up in a bit. I have 2 Red Star hens, 2 Whiting True Blue hens, and 10 Mille Fleur Bantams. I have always loved the unique chickens. My Mille Fleur chickens are starting to have their white tips come out on their feathers. They say their coloring gets better and better as they age. The roosters top out at about 1 1/2 lbs. and the hens at 1 lb.

Clyde one of my Mille Fleur roosters

I turn my chickens out to free range in the afternoons. My dog Finn will sometimes go put them back in their pen. He is learning to leave them be. I tell him it is his job to protect them.

The appliance guy was here first thing this morning. My ice maker was cracked. Hopefully now I will have ice cubes instead of ice chunks in my ice tray.

I am looking forward to the rest of my day. I have a busy weekend ahead of me so I may not be back on here til Sunday.

Pickles, Chop Shop and Grazing Class

I started the morning off rinsing sliced cucumbers and putting them in water to soak. I later came back and fixed the vinegar mixture for the pickles. I was trying a mix this time. I tried the Ball bread and butter pickle mix. They smelled really good. I can’t wait to try them.

This afternoon I decided to put my granddaughter’s birthday gift together. This was purchased by both sets of her grandparents and her parents. My husband said it looked like I had a kid’s chop shop going.

I finally got it all together. This thing has a parent’s remote control. I drove it from our deck to our garage with the remote. It has been charged and is ready to be delivered. We just have to keep her away from our garage for a few days.

I am signing up for a class in September. It is a grazing class. It’s only 3 days but I am hoping to learn quite a bit in the class. They are teaching about caring for and maintaining grazing land.

This has been just another day in our paradise.

Busy Summer Days

Today has been a busy garden day. After my morning cup of tea I started my day trying to get ahold of Whirlpool and GE. I hate talking to computers. My GE range is having a couple of problems. It is still under warranty so I have to arrange with GE for someone to come look at it. After 5 minutes of dealing with a computer I finally go put in line for the next representative to take with me. My Whirlpool refrigerator is having an issue also. My ice-maker is leaking into my ice bin. So I have a huge chunk of ice instead of cubes. Whirlpool’s computer telephone answering service was not as bad as GE. I now have technicians coming the end of the week for both appliances.

Once I had the appliances taken care of I headed out to the garden. Which reminds me I still need to snap beans. I picked the beans and cucumbers. I washed and sliced the cucumbers to put in lime water. I will make pickles out of them tomorrow.

I then headed into town to pick up vinegar, ice and freezer bags. Once back home I put two big pots of water on to boil. I then proceeded to pick and put up our corn. We have corn in the freezer for winter time. I love being able to raise and put away our food for the winter.

I am now relaxing on our deck. My husband is going to grill steak for us tonight. It feels good to relax for a bit.

That is all for today. I’m going to enjoy the evening with my husband.

Nadine’s Beans

Years ago, Nadine Brown, one of my Grandmother’s friends gave her some of her bean seeds. They were always sharing garden seeds. My grandparents liked the beans so well that they continued to grow and save the seed through the years. They always called them Nadine’s beans. I thought they had all disappeared. We lost my grandmother several years ago and I thought the beans were gone as well.

It turns out that I was wrong. My sister and her husband had moved into my grandparents’ home. They found the bean seeds in the freezer. They have since moved to another town and my other sister now lives in my grandparents’ home. My nephew Jacob gave me a bag of the bean seeds last year for my birthday.

My parents, I found out, also had some of the bean seeds.

I planted Nadine’s beans in my garden this year.

I am going to carry on the tradition of planting and saving the seeds of Nadine’s beans. They really are a delicious bean.

My grandparents never knew the true name of the beans. They just called them Nadine’s beans and that is what my family calls them to this day. My parents also plant them in their garden.


Hi! My name is Nina and this is my first blog post on this site so I thought I would tell you a bit about myself.

I live in rural Indiana with my beloved husband. I have a faithful dog, Finnegan(known as Finn), who is an Australian Shepherd. We have acquired a cat thanks to Finn. She does not want anything to do with us but loves Finn.

I love to read, garden, knit, sew, crochet and embroidery. I love to go kayaking with my siblings in southern Missouri.

I love things that have a history or as I refer to it heritage.

We own a small hobby farm in southwest Missouri where my family is located. This small hobby farm (80 acres) was once part of my grandparent’s farm. We are new to this type of farming. We have 5 cows and a bull. Three of those cows recently had calves.

I also own a Logging business. Yes, you read that right. I am a woman and own NJ Logging LLC. We believe in sustainably managing our forest. If we do not manage our forest they become stagnant and start polluting more than cleaning the air we breathe.

On this blog I will post about a variety of subjects. I favor the ordinary and simple life, which my blog will reflect.

Thank you for dropping in today and getting to know me just a bit.