New Additions

We have a new little heifer on our farm. She is really cute. Both Momma and baby are doing well.

We had a gas tank put in this week for our fifth wheel. This way we won’t have to worry about running out of propane this winter with the small portable tanks.

I came across this critter yesterday on our grill cover.

We have enjoyed a small break from the heat, but it will return soon. This has been quite the year. We have another funeral this weekend. My husband’s father passed away. In a span of 3 weeks we have both lost our fathers. No, they did not die of covid.

Enjoy the little moments of life as they come each and every day.

Beauty in the Rain

Yesterday I was sitting watching the rain fall. I was thinking about how much my dad would love that it was raining. I looked out towards our fields and seen the rainbow that is in the photo below. We can find beauty in the rain of life. It’s there waiting to be found. It can be our memories of a loved one, just a rainbow in the midst of rain or many other things that bring joy.

Taking a break

We lost my Dad to a heart attack so I will not be posting for a few days.


William James Atkins (aka Jim, Dad, Grandpa, Papa, and CB handle Horsefly), 78, of Cabool, Missouri, passed away on Tuesday, July 21, 2020, at Cox South Hospital in Springfield, Missouri.

William was born in Amarillo, Texas, on April 23, 1942, to William and Elva Atkins. He was the older of 2 boys. In 1951, the family moved to Cabool, Missouri, where he graduated from high school in 1960.

On June 18, 1960, he married the love of his life and high school sweetheart, Judith Lea Delaney. They celebrated 60 years together this past June. Dad was a romantic at heart, sending Mom cards and roses, and calling her every day when out on the long haul.

Dad had a work ethic like no other; he worked faithfully for many years at many different jobs to care for and support his family. He was a true entrepreneur. He encouraged his kids to work for what they wanted and strive to reach their goals, always leading by example. Some of his many jobs included trash truck driver, smelter plant, a mechanic for UPS and Sears, and he finally opened his own body shop. He also founded Texas County Implement. In later years, he owned his own truck and trailer and was leased to Admiral Merchants Motor Freight where he earned many distinguished safety awards. And for many of those years, he worked the family farm; Dad loved checking his cows, putting up hay, and working in his garden.

Dad also loved to hunt and fish, taking his family on occasional trips down the Gasconade where he’d tease about all the snakes that were sure to jump into the boat. He also loved camping with his family, especially at Sand Mountain Bible Camp in Georgia. He passed on a true sense of adventure to all of his kids, traveling and exploring the entire lower 48.

He loved to spend time with his kids and grandkids, and he always had a list of to do’s when his grandsons would visit. He loved to watch westerns, especially John Wayne, and there’s not a Louis L’Amour or Zane Grey book Dad hasn’t read.

William was preceded in death by his parents, William and Elva Atkins, as well as beloved grandparents, aunts, and uncles.

He is survived by his wife Judy; four children, Sara J. Postlethwait, Nina J. Law, William J. Atkins, Jr., and Melissa J. Lockcuff. He is also survived by eighteen grandchildren, thirteen great grandchildren, and by his brother, Jerald Atkins.

Memorial Contributions

Bado Community Church

6325 Hwy. Z, Houston, MO 65483

Intro to Our Past

When I married my husband he had his own logging business. It was not your ordinary logging business. He logged with horses. The business was Troy Law Horse Logging.

Within a few months of our marriage our vehicles quit on us. We did have this old log truck. It had only the driver’s seat. We made it work any way. I would sit on a milk crate next to my husband. He would drop me off in the mornings at the small school where I taught 2nd grade. After school our friend Kim would pick me up and we would go to her house. Kim and I would split firewood with a wood splitter. When the guys came in from work they would deliver the firewood. We would fix supper while they delivered the wood and once they were back we’d eat. We did that for a few weeks that fall.

This is not the truck mentioned above. It is one of our earlier trucks though.

Troy’s Dad worked with him for around 10 years after we were married. Troy’s first time in the log woods with horses was when he was 13. It was 1978. The year of the big blizzard. They went to help a local logger get his logs out when his equipment could not do so because of the snow.

My husband loved the forestry/logging industry from that time on.

Troy’s dad with a team

A Little Fun

We bought something for us last week. We bought a Can-am Spyder. We bought one in 2012 and sold it in 2015. We have missed it ever since. We went last week and found us a new one. Troy has his motorcycle license and I have the trike endorsement on my license. I have been known in the past to go get our groceries on the Spyder.

We have ridden almost every night since. We love to ride after dark during hot weather. To ride under the stars is awesome. Last night we seen Jupiter in the sky as we were riding with friends. We got home around midnight last night.

Now I’m once again starting a Spyder bucket list.

We are planning on riding again tonight. I’m looking forward to another evening under the stars.

Summer Rain

I’m sitting on our front porch watching a much needed rain fall. I’ve not posted in a few days because it’s super busy around here. Right now I’m slowing down and enjoying the moment.

Full Weekend

Our 4th of July weekend was a full weekend. On Saturday the 4th we had the Law family reunion. It was good to see all who turned out for the reunion. This reunion happens every year close to the 4th of July. Photo credits go to Teresa Clark and my daughter’s friend Keirstin.

Later that evening we were invited over to our neighbors for their 4th of July party. They put on a really good show of fireworks.

Sunday we had all our grandkids here. We ended up having a big sleepover and Papaw came in with donuts for their breakfast this morning.


This is a sneak peak at a post I’m working on. I’m still gathering pictures. I’m going to be doing a post about the history of my business and my husband’s history in the logging business.