Weekend at the Farm

We went to our farm over the weekend. Our bull had went through the fence with a cow and calf to my brother’s side. So, that meant we had fence to fix. We proceeded to pull the wire from the fence post in the section that needed to be repaired. We then pulled the post. It took most of the day but we had the fence repaired. We are planning on adding one more strand at the top for safe measure. We managed to coax the cow back through the gate and the following morning the calf was waiting at the gate to be let through to momma. We then went back with a bucket of grain and got the bull to follow us back to our property.

We managed to corral our last two bull calves and get them banded. We had been trying to get them up but they kept avoiding getting caught in the corral. We have one more cow due to calve and then we are done calving til next year.

We also finally burnt our huge pile we had been throwing stuff on as we cleaned up around the farm. We still have a lot to clean up but this is a start.

My husband cleared both trails to one of our smaller ponds. We can now drive to it from two different directions.

We had our well drilled while we were there. We have water! The water flow was 30 gallons per minute. Southwest Missouri is blessed with water. I for some reason did not take a picture of our well house once the pump was installed and the well house in place. We now are waiting to hear for the health department to see is our water is safe to drink.

I spent more time out there this last time. I went to grazing school. It is a class offered by the Missouri State University by the US Soil and Water Conservation. It was really interesting. I learned a lot. I took lots of notes, 30 pages of them to be exact. We visited a couple farms as part of our learning process.

We have someone from our county extension office coming out to our farm this next week to help us get a plan in place for our farm. We know it will take time to get our farm the way we want it. It will take careful planning and a lot of work.

Kayaking the Big Piney

I love to kayak. Whether on a lake or river I love it. I have two kayaks. I am not into white water rapids kind of kayaking. I love to get out and enjoy nature.

I would rather do it without a crowd. Crowds on the river make it dangerous at times. The party crowds are having fun but can make things dangerous. If you are drunk and on the water, you are a danger not only to yourself but to others.

Not too long ago my sister and I floated the Big Piney River in Houston, MO. It is hardly ever crowded and we usually have it to ourselves. This time when we arrived at our launching spot there were already several other kayakers there. Word must have gotten out about our nice quiet river float area.

We managed to beat all but two of them into the water. The two in from of us were fishing so that made it easy to get in front of them. Once out front we had the river to ourselves. It was awesome. Usually this time of year you can not float that stretch of river. Thanks to the rain we were able to float that stretch.

Southern Missouri is blessed with numerous springs. With all those springs the river water in most rivers is cold even in the heat of summer. There are some really beautiful kayaking rivers in Missouri. They draw people from all over to come kayak.

Bull Troubles

We have been down on our farm for the past few days. The first day here I was helping my sister check my brother’s cattle. The first bunch we were checking is the smaller group. She put some grain in the trough for them and hollered for them. They started coming in and we started counting.

In the midst of our counting in strolls a bull. We look at each other and immediately say, “Where did you come from?” There is no bull on that side of the road. He was a nice looking young bull.

We finished counting and headed to check the fence. We found a big limb down on the fence. It took all we had to lift it off the fence. We then fixed the fence. We drove around the rest of the fence looking for any other places that the bull could have come through.

My brother and the neighbor Tex will be trailering the bull and taking him back home in a few days.

The next morning I arrive and my sister informs me that my brother’s bull that is on pasture back behind our property is now in with our cows. Our bull was not liking this. We got a bucket of grain and went and found my brother’s bull (Big Boy).

My sister started walking in front of the bull with the grain leading him to the gate. She would pour tiny piles our for Big Boy to follow. I came behind in our mule to make sure he stayed in the right direction. We walked him right through the gate this way.

Storm Clean Up

We spent this past Labor Day Weekend in Missouri. A storm had come through a few days before we arrived. Our neighbor had a tree on his house and we had one across our driveway, with limbs and branches scattered everywhere. Our flag that usually hangs on our deck disappeared with the storm was no where to be found. It took the flag mount and all. There is no telling where that flag ended up. The contractor working in our basement cut up the tree(before we arrived) that landed across our driveway. My husband hauled the wood out to our farm where he split it and added to our growing pile. I proceeded to clean up our yard and driveway so that we could mow.

We were fortunate to not have worse damage. Our neighbor had damage to his house and porch.

We had not been out for 3 weeks and our yard desperately needed cut. The grass was so thick. Our neighbor had mown part of our yard for us. Our first two days out there were spent cleaning up from the storm and cutting our grass. By the time we left it looked much better.

Rainy Morning

It rained here all morning. So since it was so wet outside I did laundry this morning.

I ended up in my sewing room. I decided to measure, cut and hem some tablecloths. A while back we downsized our dining room table and so I have slowly been downsizing my tablecloths. I succeeded in getting 4 done this morning.

This afternoon turned out to be partly sunny and cloudy. It is a gorgeous afternoon. I am sitting out on our deck as I write listening to music.

I am hoping to kayak this weekend. With all the rain in the region where we kayak I am not sure it will happen. We will have to check the river levels then decide.

It’s just me and the animals around here today. My dear husband had buyers meeting both yesterday and today. I do know there was a corn hole tournament in there somewhere for the buyers.

My husband is a log buyer for a veneer company.

We had rain all day yesterday and then again this morning. Yesterday i decided to get stuff hung back up on our hallway walls and the hall bathroom wall. We remodeled earlier this spring and summer. I had not hung anything back up until yesterday. Now it looks like home.

Busy Summer Weekend

This has been a busy weekend. I finally have a few minutes down time. Saturday started with Bantam Football. Our grandson Gage had his game Saturday morning. His brother Daniel’s game was scheduled for the afternoon but was cancelled.

Since the second game was cancelled I came home and my husband and I mowed. We have a lot to mow. We mowed til around 4 pm when the grandkids arrived for us to babysit.

We had moose roast for supper with corn on the cob. The moose roast was a big hit.

Sunday started with travel baseball. Gage is playing on a travel team and his first game today started at 9 am. He played a second game at 11 am. I enjoy watching my grandkids play with their teams. Part of our grandkids are farther away and I don’t get to watch their games much. Their parents keep me updated on how things go for them.

As for the rest of my weekend, I am taking it easy and enjoying our deck. I’m going to do a little reading. Come tomorrow I won’t have much time for taking it easy. I always try to find downtime on Sundays to refuel for the coming week.


Meet Finnegan otherwise know as Finn. He is my constant companion when I am outside. He loves to ride in our Viking and go for our long hikes on our property. He is a blue merle Australian Shepherd. He is almost 4 years old.

He was such an adorable puppy.

He has loved exploring and playing out on our property since day one. If we go for a ride or hike Finn goes with us.

He has in the past year adopted a cat. She will not come close to us or let us touch her. She is very leery of being caught. She loves Finn though and will wait with him for daily treats.

Finn hardly ever barks so when we hear him we know we had better check it out. He is very protective of me and our granddaughter Anna. If he thinks there is someone or something close that could harm us, he will not leave our side. He stays right in front of us with his low growl warning whatever or whomever is out there.

My husband is not a dog person. He generally dislikes all dogs. But even he likes Finn and will let him ride on his tractor with him.