Life on the Farm

We are back on the farm. My dad and brother cut and baled hay for us. We have two baby calves now. This weekend we are starting to put on an electric fence to keep the cows out of our hay field.

We have a bird’s nest full of babies in my husband’s tool box in our barn. We were getting scolded by momma bird today as we worked in the barn.

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

Back on the Farm again

We made the trip out to the farm again. Troy is trying to get our fields cut. We had another bull calf born this week and need to get him banded and tagged. We have to catch him first. He is a handsome little fellow.

We also have new babies back home in Indiana. My Whiting True Blue hen has been setting on eggs. She hatched 3 lil chicks. She is a fierce momma. She got Finn through the gate. He was just being nosy, sticking his nose in at the gate and she was like “Oh, no you don’t !” and flogged his nose. He jumped back and looked up at me like, “What did I do?”

Even though our world is in turmoil, life continues on in the midst. I believe if we want change we need to be the change we want to see. Change always starts with ourselves. We do not need to forget the past or we will be doomed to repeat it. We need to learn from the past so that we do not repeat the bad.

New Baby

The weekend on the farm was just what we needed. Sunday evening while out looking at our fields we seen one of our cows off by herself. We figured we’d have a calf by morning. The next morning I went to check on her and sure enough she had a little bull calf.

I went back up and got the bands, banding tool, tags and tagging tool ready. We went back down there and banded and tagged the little fellow. By the time we were done we had an audience. Last years calves were standing there watching. Mama was quick to put them in their place.

We went back up and finished up what we needed to before heading out for Indiana. I watered my rose moss. I chose the rose moss because it does well in dry conditions. I love all the different colors.

Today it’s back at it here at home. I watched two grands this afternoon for a while. Today has been beautiful. I repotted some petunias this evening and now I’m enjoying our deck.

A Much Needed Weekend

This past week has been such an emotional roller coaster. Troy’s dad was admitted to our county nursing home. He can no longer be cared for at home.

We came to our farm this weekend. My husband really needed this. He’s been on his tractor almost the entire weekend. The cows are looking good. They are showing signs of being very pregnant. I figure we will have calves coming toward the end of July and into August.

This morning I went kayaking with my sister at Austin Lake. It was so nice to get out on the water. We seen an otter and a snake out on the water today. We are planning a river float this summer.

This evening we took the weaning rings out of the calves’ noses. It was a beautiful evening. Hope you all enjoyed your weekend.

Full Days

We have been super busy. We have a lot of mowing that we do. Sunday we mowed around the edge of our fields. That is my walking track. There was rye in the fields and today they started planting corn.

We finally got our garden planted. My tomato plants really needed to be in the ground. It’s been so wet and it’s so nice to have it dry enough to plant.

I’ve got in a bit of sewing yesterday. I got a few of the blocks finished.

I spent most of today in the office working. I’ll be in there again tomorrow. Tomorrow I have to complete my insurance audit. I also have to check on Troy’s parents through the day. His dad is being moved maybe tomorrow to a nursing home. It’s been a tough job preparing him for this.

Summer is my busiest time. Between my business and our garden I am kept hopping. I hope everyone is staying safe.

Ups and downs

The last couple days have definitely had their ups and downs.

Yesterday morning I spied turkeys behind our house. I grabbed my camera and stepped out on the deck. I got pictures of the hens but that old Tom would not come out in the clear. One hen came out of my garden shed and later on one was under my bird feeder.

I worked outside a lot over the last two days. I have been working on my strawberry beds. I wanted to lay down weed screen on either side of my strawberries. I finished them today.

Yesterday evening we had the tough job of going to my husband’s parents to tell them that Hospice is moving Troy’s dad to a nursing home this coming week. It is too much for his mom to continue to care for him. Her health is failing fast. She cannot continue the way things are right now. This is a tough decision but it’s what’s best.

This morning I went to a farmer’s market with a friend. I found some fresh strawberries at on one the booths. My strawberries are just starting to ripen. I came home and made strawberry delight for my husband.

This is one of my husband’s favorite desserts.

Anniversary weekend

We are back home in Indiana for now. We spent the past weekend on our farm in Missouri. We extended the weekend for our anniversary. We have been married 36 years. We enjoyed our time on the farm. On our anniversary the clouds had many different looks throughout the day.

I don’t know that I have ever seen purple clouds like we seen that evening. It was something else to watch. We watched them moving east of us across the sky. While watching them we heard a turkey gobbling down below us and one would answer in the distance.

Today I worked on cleaning up my strawberry patch. I’m putting down weed screen tomorrow. While out on our farm my Mom gave me some of her phlox plants. I’m wanting to get them started here in Indiana. I transplanted them today. They originated in my great grandmother’s flower garden.

As I sit here on our deck we have a storm moving in. I’m going to have to get things taken inside. I hope everyone is staying safe.


Memorial Day is a day for honoring those who gave their all for our nation. We have the freedom we have because they gave their all. I’m thankful for those men and women who have given us the precious gift of freedom.

Even though this day was meant for honoring soldiers who gave their all we also have the tradition of remembering our own loved ones who have died. We decorate their graves and pay tribute to them.

Today I visited two graveyards. I went to the graves of my grandparents.

My dad’s parents
my mom’s parents

I was immensely blessed with two sets of awesome grandparents. I miss them so much. I would love to go walk the fence with my Grandma Delaney(my mother’s mom) one more time or sit at the table pouring over the family Bible, asking her questions about my ancestors and taking notes from her answers. I remember helping her sort through her mother’s things after Great Grandma had passed away. Grandma had a story to tell about most of her mother’s belongings.

My mother’s parents had a dairy. I loved to go there. I loved watching the milk swirl around and around in the milk tank. I loved the smell of the feed room. When the milk truck came to pick up the milk the driver would give us kids a pack of peanuts. We would munch on them as we watched him hook the hose up and drain the milk out of my grandparents’ milk tank. Most of all I loved being in the milk barn when my grandparents milked because I was with them both. I remember my grandfather having to shoo me away from the bullpen. The bullpen was a big NO! We lost my grandfather 2 days after my eleventh birthday. We had our grandmother for many more years. Today I stood at the door of a milk tank room in a barn. The smell brought all these memories flooding into my mind. If I closed my eyes I could imagine myself as a young girl standing in my grandparents barn.

My dad’s parents were equally awesome grandparents. I loved spending time with them . It did not matter what they were doing they would include us kids. They had us work alongside of them learning as we worked. My grandmother almost always had chocolate chip cookie bars in the cookie jar. She worked for the Brown shoe company In Mountain Grove. My grandfather raised cattle and worked the farm. I will admit, I was his girl. He always told me I looked like my grandma(I may have favored her, but I am built like my other grandmother) My grandfather tatted, my grandmother crocheted and quilted. I learned to crochet from my grandmother.

Today was a walk down memory lane. This evening we had friends and some family over. We grilled hotdogs and enjoyed each other’s company. I’m very thankful for the family I have been blessed with.

A Good Day

I’m done counting the days of quarantine. Our state is in stage 3 of opening up. We had a good day here on our farm. Our calves still have their nose rings in. Troy got all the gravel spread. I cleaned the room and bathroom we used in my sister’s house one last time. I then vacuumed our camper and filed my fuel tax for my business.

we went for a drive around the property today. There is an old house site on our farm. There is a ton of irises growing there. I plan on digging up a few to plant at home.

Troy grilled chicken and asparagus and I fixed baked potatoes in the instant pot. We enjoyed a glass of ice tea with our meal.

I need to get our dishes cleaned up. We are enjoying our weekend so very much. We hope you are enjoying life! We need to make the most of the life we have.

Day 58 of Quarantine

We now have internet! It works great. It is hard to get good internet here where our farm is. We had two spots that you could see the tower. I spent part of my day getting our tv, computer and tablet connected. Now when I bring work with me I can connect and get things done.

My lunch today was a blueberry yogurt I got from the Market Wagon. It is the best yogurt I have ever had. I added granola to it.

This evening we put our cows in the corral to separate calves from their moms. We had an audience across the road. My brother’s calves lined up across the road to watch. We moved the cows back out of the corral and kept our calves in the corral. We put weaning clips in their noses and turned them back out. We don’t have our pasture separated yet so we are using weaning clips.

We are enjoying our weekend on the farm. I hope you are enjoying your weekend.