My Valentine

Valentine’s Day was last weekend. We have never really celebrated the day as anything other than just another day. My husband has once in a great while brought home flowers.
We don’t need a special day to show that we love each other. We do that every day of our lives by the things we do for each other. It shows in all the little normal things that we do.
We do have one tradition for both Valentine’s Day and our anniversary. We will head in to a store that has cards and pick one out for each other. We then hand it to the other to read and then put them back on the shelf and walk out.
This past weekend we went out to our 80 acre farm in Missouri. We spent the weekend working on our farm. We recently sold our home away from home out there because we bought 80 acres of my grandparents’ farm this past summer. We are in the process of making a place for our fifth wheel camper. We are going to set it up on a pad there for our weekends there.

The camper is plenty big for us and has everything we need for our stays out there.

our camper kitchen

The camper has plenty of storage and a washer and dryer.
Until we get the camper set up we are staying with my sister who is just across the road. This past weekend we were there working and did not go to town for our usual card tradition. My sister has a box of cards and we picked one for each other out of those and read them then put them back. So we still carried on our only Valentines tradition.
My husband is without a doubt the hardest working man I know. He loves to work and cannot stand to just do nothing. When we go on a trip he is just itching to get back home so he can work. His chill time is being outside working hard.

My husband also has the biggest heart of anyone I know. His mind is always dwelling on helping and taking care of others.
We were clearing a fence row this past weekend. He spent the first couple days cutting trees out of the fence line. Then we patched the fenced up in a few places. We plan on replacing the fence sometime in the future, but until then the mending job will work. This past weekend while working on that fence row he looked at me and said, “The work here is never ending, but I absolutely love it.”

Favorite Treat Recipe

This afternoon I made one of our favorite treats in preparation for a couple of our grandkids who are coming over. I made Rice Krispies treats.

It just takes four simple ingredients.

  • 2 small jars of Jet-Puffed marshmallow crepe.
  • 1 stick of butter
  • 1 10 oz. bag of mini marshmallows
  • 12 cups of Rice Krispies cereal.

Melt the butter then add the marshmallows and marshmallow creme. Once melted pour over the Rice Krispies cereal. Mix well and then spread into a sheet cake pan.

Let the mixture cool before cutting.

This common popular treat recipe has been used by my husband’s family for a long time. They got the recipe from longtime family friends. A lot of people use only the bags of marshmallows, but we prefer both marshmallows and marshmallow creme.

My Crafting Room

We have one finished room in our basement. In the past it has been our daughters’ bedroom. For the past few years I’ve been turning it into my crafting/workout room.
I have three workout machines in one corner and the rest of the room is for crafting.
I recently purchased a quilters table. I’ve been putting it together over the last three days.

I have my Cricut supplies stored in and underneath this table. I’m new to the Cricut. I’m learning and loving it. This table is a perfect addition to my craft room.
I am taking part in my first mystery quilt along. I’m excited about this quilt I’m starting. I’ve done crochet and knitting mystery stitch alongs. I’ve loved every one of them.

This afternoon I started cutting my required squares for this mystery quilt. I’m doing a queen size quilt.

I hope to finish cutting my squares out tomorrow.

For right now I’m sitting in my recliner watching a Hallmark movie while I write my post.

Lessons Learned From Grandparents

Some of my most favorite life lessons were learned working alongside my grandparents. When I visited my grandparents I worked right alongside them doing whatever needed done at that time.

I was privileged to have two sets of hard working grandparents. My mother’s parents had a dairy. I loved spending time in the dairy barn with them. I learned by doing a variety of tasks in the dairy barn. I’ve washed the surge milkers and swept and shoveled the manure from the floor so that it could be limed.

I loved the smell of the feed room in the dairy barn and every time I open one of our feed barrels I am transported back in thought to those days with my grandparents.

My Dad’s parents had a farm also. They raised beef cattle. My grandmother worked at a shoe factory. I learned a lot of my gardening skills from them. No matter what they were doing they had us kids right there with them.

I remember helping my grandpa pull a calf because my hands were smaller than his and I could reach in and attach the pull to the calf.

My grandmother taught me to crochet and from that skill bloomed my love for crafting. My grandfather tatted and tried to teach me that skill. I only acquired the ability to do the basic beginning picot. I have a few treasured pieces that my grandfather made. I am determined to learn this skill. I recently purchased the supplies needed to try again.

This past weekend I was privileged to work with my dad and several others as we cut, split, hauled and stacked firewood.

My Dad is 77 and he enjoys cutting and splitting firewood. He gathered us to have a day of getting firewood supplied for his neighbor. The neighbor was worried about Dad and my Dad was worried about the neighbor. It was awesome to see the care and thought they had towards each other.

As I watched my dad work surrounded by his grandsons, I could only hope they were picking up some lessons from their hard working grandfather. He has so much for them to learn from. He is one of the hardest working men I have ever known. He can fix just about anything. He is the one we go to when we have a question about the cattle we are raising.
I once told my son that if he could glean just a bit of the wisdom my dad has he would be better for it. Yes, he is old school and old fashioned, but that is just part of who he is. As we lose our older generations we are losing skills that not many possess today. I am so thankful for the skills I learned working along side my parents and grandparents.

This and That Saturday

Today I worked on different projects throughout the day. The first thing on the order was a trip to town at 7am. I went to the bakery to pick up some donuts for the grandkids then on to Walmart. I now know when to go to Walmart. There was hardly anyone in there. It was awesome.

Once back home I went through my material stash looking for pieces to use in a quilt I’m getting ready to start. I found a mystery quilt along. I am excited because it is the first mystery quilt along I’ve decided take part in.

I still need to find a few more pieces and the background fabric. I will do that this next week.

I then ran into town to Kathy’s, a small local restaurant. Our elderly neighbor can no longer drive and he was wanting lunch from Kathy’s. I went and picked up his lunch of fried chicken, creamed peas and plum pie.

This afternoon I cleaned out my project basket which sits beside my chair in the living room. It now only has current projects in it. 😁

I now have homemade pizzas In the oven. Some of our grandkids are coming to spend the night with us. I fixed pizza for supper and bought donuts for their breakfast in the morning.

Now I’m watching a documentary on women gladiators while waiting on the pizzas to get done. This has truly been a this and that day.

Beauty in the Ordinary

Today was a damp drizzly day. It rained through the night and drizzled on and off all day. We have had so much rain and we are ready for it to stop.
This afternoon I decided to brave the elements and go for a walk. I grabbed my camera and headed out to get Finn. Finn is always excited to head to the woods.
Even in the winter on a drizzly grey day you can find beauty hiding in the ordinary.

I got just a few pictures today because it started raining and my camera had to be zipped up in my coat for protection.
No matter what the day is like, I can always find beauty out in nature. There are always things to discover.


These cold frozen days are what I want and need in the winter. It has been so wet that my logging crew has not worked in the woods since before Christmas. The guys are working today! 
     It’s 23 degrees outside and I actually wish it was a bit colder. I’m hoping that we don’t get snow, because the snow insulates the ground and it does not freeze as hard. 
     If we try to work with all the rain we have had, our skidder and dozer just bury themselves in mud and muck up the property something terrible. These below freezing temperatures are a Godsend to our business and other logging businesses in the area.

I really wish this cold spell would last longer than they say it is going to last. I’m hoping for a lot less rain for a while. We need it to dry up. It’s almost like we don’t have winter anymore. We just have a long wet season.
I remember winters when it would stay frozen almost the entire month of January.
We are supposed to have one more frozen day and then it’s back to above freezing temps.
I have a warm pot of chili waiting on the stove.

My husband is a log buyer for a local veneer company and I own a logging business.