These cold frozen days are what I want and need in the winter. It has been so wet that my logging crew has not worked in the woods since before Christmas. The guys are working today! 
     It’s 23 degrees outside and I actually wish it was a bit colder. I’m hoping that we don’t get snow, because the snow insulates the ground and it does not freeze as hard. 
     If we try to work with all the rain we have had, our skidder and dozer just bury themselves in mud and muck up the property something terrible. These below freezing temperatures are a Godsend to our business and other logging businesses in the area.

I really wish this cold spell would last longer than they say it is going to last. I’m hoping for a lot less rain for a while. We need it to dry up. It’s almost like we don’t have winter anymore. We just have a long wet season.
I remember winters when it would stay frozen almost the entire month of January.
We are supposed to have one more frozen day and then it’s back to above freezing temps.
I have a warm pot of chili waiting on the stove.

My husband is a log buyer for a local veneer company and I own a logging business.

A Little Family History

I have a distant cousin who was an author in the early 1900’s. She was a cousin by marriage. She was born and grew up here in Indiana. Her name was Margaret Hill McCarter. She became a teacher. She moved to Kansas in 1888 to head the department of English at Topeka High School. She married Dr. William A McCarter, a dentist there in Topeka, Kansas. He was a first cousin of my Great Great Grandfather, Charles Alva McCarter. I always thought she was an aunt by marriage, but after researching I found that she was a cousin by marriage.

I have been collecting her books for a while now.

In 1920 Margaret Hill McCarter became the first woman to speak before the Republican National Convention. I found a copy of her speech. You can tell that she was a staunch supporter of women’s rights.

“I want to speak but one word for the women of America. We are organized, we are trained, we are ready for the duties of citizenship. We stand loyally by the party inaugurated by Abraham Lincoln; the party of Liberty and Light, of morality and love; the party that has never failed in its loyalty to the good old Stars and Stripes. It’s banner has been Old Glory waving above, and the crimson of all our sunsets, the blue of our June skies, the white of the eternal snows are gathered in that banner, which the women of America must follow if we would have the strength and power and sweetness and nobility of real government for all the people.
Margaret Hill McCarter

The above is a quote from her speech that historical day in Chicago.

The McCarter generations go back to our nation’s earliest days. We have had family members in almost every war that our nation has fought, starting with the Revolutionary War. I am proud of my family’s heritage.

I have a rich family heritage in all branches of my family.

Winter Storm Baby

When we bought our 80 acres we also purchased 5 cows and a bull. Four of our cows had had their calves. So far we had 3 bull calves (which are now steers) and a little heifer calf. All four were born in August. We have been waiting on that fifth calf and wouldn’t you know it she came in the midst of our first winter storm.

I got a phone call from my sister. She was worried about cow number 55. She had disappeared and was nowhere to be found. She was not coming up with the rest of the cows.

My first reaction was to ask where our bull was. She told me he was at the bottom of the new road my husband had cut in to one of our small ponds. I was relieved. I told her that number 55 was probably up in there somewhere having her calf. Every time one of our cows was calving the bull would be not far away by himself. It is like he stands guard until he knows everything is ok and then he rejoins the rest of the herd.

Sure enough a day or two later my sister found our new baby. It is a little heifer calf. She was hiding in the ice covered bushes.

She is now coming up with her Momma when the cows come to get grain.

Those Special Christmas Ornaments

We all have those special ornaments that really mean something special to us.
As each grandchild came into our lives I would buy a special ornament for our tree in honor of them. We have 10 of the grandchildren ornaments.
I have three other ornaments that are really special. One year my mother who is a very talented artist painted us four ornaments. Alas, we lost one to an accident. I guard the remaining three very carefully.

I have two of my mother’s s paintings hanging in my home. I have had numerous complements about the paintings. At Christmas I have three more of her paintings hanging on my tree. These ornaments remind me of an old fashioned Christmas.
We get so busy with just life in general. These ornaments remind me that it’s ok to slow down a bit and enjoy old fashioned Christmas traditions.

Love My New Camera

I know it’s been a while since I’ve been on here. It’s been crazy busy for us.
I have been putting money back for a new camera for a while now. I finally bought it. I bought the Nikon Z50. So far I love my new camera. I’m excited to explore all that I can do with my new camera.

My daughter and I have been playing around with the Camera over the last few days. Here are a few of the photos we have taken.

The next picture is a crop of the photo following it.

I bought my first mirrorless camera when they were first coming out. It was a Samsung and did not have a view finder. Once I turned forty and my eyesight started to change it was harder to use without wearing readers. It took awesome pictures. Now I have my new Z50 mirrorless camera and I’m totally excited about the possibilities.

Bittersweet Weekend

This past weekend was a bittersweet weekend for us. Three years ago we bought a house in the town close to where my family lives. We have really enjoyed having our own place there. It was the perfect little getaway spot for us.

This summer we purchased 80 acres of what used to be my grandparents farm. We do not need two different properties out there so we decided to sell the house in town. My sister offered for to use part of her house while we figure out what we are going to do on the property.

We have been considering three options. We place a camper on the property since we are usually only there for long weekends, we build something small there or we pull in a small 2 bedroom modular/mobile home. The most economic choice is the 2 bedroom modular/mobile.

We moved everything out of our house in town this weekend. We started on Friday and moved the last load Sunday.

Now when we are out there we will just have to walk out the door to work on our farm.

This house has a rock fireplace that has a story to it. I have loved this fireplace from the first time I saw it. The man who built the house in 1980 had a party. The story is he asked all his friends and neighbors to come and to bring a rock from their property. Those rocks were then used to build his fireplace. The rocks in this fireplace came from all over Texas and Wright county Missouri. There are even a few arrowheads in the fireplace.

Fall Goodies

We tried Chicken of the Woods mushrooms for the first time. We started out harvesting them for our mechanic who told us his family loved them. We kept a small portion of our find to try for ourselves.

We ended up with 23 pounds. We went and showed them to a few older neighbors who would have knowledge about the mushrooms. We learned from one of them how to fix these mushrooms. I am not a huge mushroom fan. I will eat a few morels in the spring, but that is about it. I read that we should only eat a small portion because Chicken of the Woods can bother some people. I cleaned the small portion that we kept and dipped it in milk and egg then floured it for frying. I have to say I thought they were delicious. They did not to seem to bother either one of us. I will be trying more in the future.