Day 11 of Indiana Quarantine

I was up early this morning. I enjoyed my morning cup of coffee. I then set to cleaning. I swept, dusted and washed a few windows. I swept the front porch.

This afternoon I worked on step four of my quilt.

We took a walk this afternoon. My husband had been bringing in firewood logs and he finished unloading the last load and went with us. This will be the last walk around the fields for a while. They hauled in the turkey manure today for the fields. The trucks started coming in after we got back from our walk. I knew they would be coming because I had been smelling it since yesterday. The wind was carrying that country fragrance with it.

In the middle of one of the fields is an old house site. We believe the picture below is what remains of their outhouse. It has been filled in and the farmers plant around it.

I know we are all looking forward to life getting back to normal. Hang in there and stay safe.

Day 10 of Indiana Quarantine

Since the quarantine started I have been letting my chickens free roam to save on feed. Today a coyote tried to sneak in and get his dinner. Thankfully Finn was doing his job and was rounding up the chickens to get them away from the coyote. Tomorrow my chickens will have to stay in their pen. I will do that for a while and randomly let them out in the yard.

Today I finished step 3 of the mystery quilt along. I’m going to try to start step 4 tomorrow.

I received pictures from Missouri today. We are dying to be able to go out to our farm. We can’t do that right now and I’m very thankful for my sister and brother for watching out and taking care of things. Our contractor has poured the pad for our camper. When we do finally get to go back out We will be able to set up our camper and start moving our things into it.

Day 9 of Indiana Quarantine

I spent the morning in my office figuring footage for workbill numbers for my business.

I headed outside after my lunch to check out my herbs and a few other plants.

English Thyme
Oregano is coming back
My Hen n Chicks

My egg bucket was full so I washed and refrigerated the eggs.

Finn and I went for our normal walk today. We were skirting around the fields when I seen something black scramble across the field. I could not figure out what it was until I got closer and smelled it. Then I was glad it had crossed to the opposite side of the field. I would not have wanted Finn or me to come back smelling like a skunk.

We went down to my favorite spot at the lake. I sat there for a while.

I shot some pics of the blooming trees on my way back to the house.

I enjoyed my day. This afternoon I listened to music, danced around my house getting things done.

Call to Prayer

Roth Poetry

IMG_9581 (2)
Why do we wait till crisis comes
When fear sets in and the body grows numb
To raise our hearts and voice in prayer
Calling to God // now made aware
And why do we think our begging and pleading
Will now be heard by Almighty God’s heeding
As folks are dying and we are reeling
Our invincible life precariously careening
Prayer is not the magic wand // making all serene
Nor the serpent on the pole to look upon for healing
God is not simply at your beck and call
Now that you have need and life’s about to fall
Crisis makes all aware that God has always been there
From everlasting to everlasting // though we never gave a care
Prayer does not bring OUR answers in time of despair
But rather strength and endurance to face all that’s there
So weep not for the grateful dead now…

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Day 8 of Indiana Quarantine

This morning I paid the first of the month bills and then enjoyed a cup of coffee with a bit of reading.

it was a bit on the cool side today. This afternoon I worked on my quilt pieces. I got a few done with several left to do. I was watching the PBS Little Women series as I worked.

My Diamond painting got a little attention this afternoon. Now I’m working on finishing a scarf I’m knitting.

Stay safe and have a good evening.

Day 7 of Indiana Quarantine

Lately I’ve been working with Finn to teach him a new trick. We have been working on rolling over. Since I have plenty of eggs, I boil my bantam eggs and use them as treats for Finn. He loves them. I put a couple in my jacket pocket when I head outside. He gets so excited. Until today I’ve always had to touch his side when he lays down to get him to roll over. Today he smelled the eggs in my pocket. I told him to lay down and I no sooner got roll out of my mouth and he rolled over and sat up waiting on his egg. 😂

Finn is such a good dog. He is a perfect fit with us.

I did a bit of laundry today and worked on my quilt pieces. My diamond painting got a bit attention today. Now I need to go get a property map printed off. We are getting ready to run the timber on this property and need the egis map.

Day 6 of Indiana Quarantine

I slept in this morning. My husband had to go look at some logs. The forestry industry has been declared essential so my husband is still working. He is a log buyer for Michigan Veneer. My company(NJ Logging) is still working also. I do my part from home. The guys did not work today because of all the rain we have had the last few days.

I swept all the floors and cleaned up the house this morning. I started the laundry. I then called The Toy Chest here in Nashville. They are putting together packages for families during this quarantine time. Since we will not get to have our usual Easter with our grandkids I ordered a package for each family. They put together a variety of things according to the kids ages. There will be activity stuff, games and things for them to use outside. They deliver in a certain range and ship to others. Our grandkids will be getting their packages in a few days. I ordered early so that their parents could put the package in he garage or storage shed for a few days before the kids get to open them. Everyone on staff at the Toy Chest are well, but the packages that are being shipped will go through multiple hands and if they sit for a few days the virus germs, if there, will decease.

I started a new puzzle today. I love these White Mountain puzzles.

When the kids were still at home I used to make this Amish sourdough bread. These past couple weeks I started up the starter again. Today I made the first batch of bread from the starter.

My husband done some mowing this afternoon. I fixed me a cup of tea and went out on the deck with a book while he was mowing. I had offered to get my mower out and help, but he said he was just doing a quick go over back there.

I fixed turkey and noodles for supper with our leftover turkey.

I’m sitting here watching Hometown as I post my blog. My dear husband is sleeping in his chair.

Stay safe and stay home as much as possible.